Here at Lughnasa Botanicals we believe that skincare can and should be

Kind to Nature Kind to You

For that reason we have been very select in sourcing cruelty free ingredients including organic plant oils, essential oils and plant actives blending these to form highly active nourishing products.

Our skin is our largest organ and hence we need to look after it more than most would think. Therefore, it is vital you know and trust what you are applying to your skin just as much as you consider what you eat.

We grow, wildcraft and process our own herbs organically with which we hand blend with organic carrier oils (some Irish grown) to produce skin enhancing and environmentally friendly sustainable cruelty free Natural Skincare Products.

Never do we or will we use ingredients that have been tested on animals or will we work with any company that is linked to animal testing.  This is a redline we feel very strong about.

We aim to be environmentally responsible and in formulating our products we have spent much time sourcing alternatives that match cosmetic function but are produced close to our location so we reduce airmiles of ingredient transportation.

We avoid using glass packaging on account it is heavy and therefore costs more in emissions to transport as empty of completed dispatched products. Instead we use environmentally  sustainable lightweight aluminium cans, bottles etc.


Allergens do occur naturally in essential oils.  Strict controls are placed on these and if present in our products we are legally obliged to have them shown on our packaging.

Where present these are listed at the end of the ingredients section.


Quite rightly the number of people who are against animal testing is increasing rapidly.  I personally cannot abide animal cruelty in any form and do not use ingredients or support companies that test on animals.

There is absolutely no need for this and choose only to test on Humans. Here at Lughnasa we believe that being kind to nature is being kind to you.


Our cartons are made from materials derived from sustainable forests and is recyclable.

We use primarily aluminium, glass and polyethylene terephthalate (PET/PETE) plastic in our packaging and we encourage you to reuse or recycle our packaging where possible.

As part of our research we undertook a study of packaging materials and it was shown that aluminium is by far the most environmentally sustainable packaging material we can use on account of its recycling, upcycling potential.


Lughnasa Botanicals ltd. is an entirely Irish owned

business. Established by Dr. Oscar Phoenix who has formulated these unique skin nourishing products using organic and Irish grown where possible.

We hand blend our herbal oils and hand make our products.  Some of the raw materials are imported from ethical and trusted suppliers – we do not import finished products.


We only use natural ingredients and variations can naturally occur between various crops.   As a consequence, subtle variations (colour and scent) can occur in batches but not in quality.

For example when kept in the cold shea butter can aggregate into tiny particles but there is nothing wrong with the product – return it to a warmer space and it will be as before.


Where possible we use certified organic plant oils.  We strive to continue to source as much organic ingredients as we can.

In fact, we use Irish grown certified organic plants oils already thus cutting down on carbon emissions while supporting Irish businesses. In collaboration with the Organic Centre in Rossinver, Leitrim we grow our own organically certified Calendula flowers to produce our wonderful oils.


All products made by Lughnasa Botanicals Ltd. comply with the EU regulations (EC) No 1223/2009 and are all registered on the EU CPNR (cosmetic products notification portal).


Our products are natural and vegetarian friendly.  Some are vegan. Where beeswax is used we use our own beeswax and that from small apiaries in Counties Meath & Louth.


Lughnasa Botanicals Ltd. states
  • We are a natural skin care manufacturer .
  • We do not provide medical advice, treat or cure illness.
  • We are confident in our products and offer a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee.
  • We have had our products tested for topical application and are not to be taken orally or internally.
  • While our products are applicable to all skin types, we always recommend you test patch first on arm or hand. If any reaction such as redness or irritation occurs, then cease use immediately and seek medical advice.