Situated in the village of Moynalty, in North Meath, Lughnasa Botaniucals is a natural skincare company.

We grow some of our own herbs organically which we hand blend with organic carrier oils (some Irish grown) and some wild crafted herbal plants to produce skin enhancing and environmentally friendly Natural Skincare Products. Only tested on humans too!

Why Lughnasa Botanicals?

Lughnasa is pronounced Lou – na – sah and it is the name of the ancient Irish harvest festival in August which honours the Celtic Sun God ‘Lugh’. Historically, it was widely observed throughout Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man.

A time when the power of the Sun manifests as crops on earth to be harvested for our benefit and gratitude.

This also applies to the wonderful oils and active compounds in plants and thus, at Lughnasa Botanicals, we celebrate the harvested health and healing bounty which are carefully incorporated into our natural skincare products.